Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Volunteer Opportunities and Events for the 2010-2011 School Year

September 21, 2010

Dear Parents,

             Now that we are back in full swing, I would like to inform you of some of the Academy of Tucson Elementary School community events and volunteer opportunities  for the year. Please note that the dates are tentative.

Through out the Year: 
  • Traffic Monitors
  • Lunch Monitors
  • Playground Monitors
  • Bookfair ( October 1- October 7)
  • Skate Country (October 29th)
  • Tentative Star Gazing Night (Nov.10)
  • Tentative Winter Concert
  • Winter Field Day (December 8)
  • Bookfair (January 28th - February 4th)
  • Carnival (January 29th)
  • Love of Reading (The entire month of February)
  • Rodeo Round-up (Friday, February 25th)
  • Teacher Appreciation (All Month)
  • Skate Country  (March 18)
  • Science Fun Fest-Date TBD

  • Water Day (May 19th)
  • Spring Concert Date TBD

If you would like to help plan, organize, or send in supplies for any of the events, please send in the volunteer slip on the following page. Thank you for all your support!


Michelle Poppen

Volunteer Opportunities

Name of Parent:___________________________

If you are interested in keeping our pick–up and drop-off process run as smoothly as possible, while keeping our children and families safe, volunteer to become a traffic monitor. Mr. Webber is the coordinator
_______ Morning Traffic Monitor ()
               Dates available:  _____________________________________________

______ Afternoon Traffic Monitor ()
             Dates available: _______________________________________________

______Lunch Monitor () Mr. Webber is the coordinator of this he can also
            make you aware of some needed items for lunch.
            Dates available:________________________________________________

______Playground Monitor: Mr. Webber is the coordinator
            AM ()___________
            Dates available:________________________________________________

            Lunch ()____________
            Dates available:________________________________________________

_______Bookfair (October 1st-October 7th) Mrs. Teitelbaum
              Dates available:________________________________________________

_______Bookfair (January 28th-February 4th) Mrs. Teitelbaum
              Dates available:________________________________________________

_______Bookfair and Carnival (January 29th) Mrs. Teitelbaum/4th Grade Teachers

_______Rodeo Round-up (February 25th)

_______Science Fun Fest (March) Specific Date TBD

______ Water Day (May 19th)

There will be more opportunities to volunteer and we will notify you of those events as the year goes on. Please return these forms to the classroom teacher or the front office.

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