Friday, February 11, 2011

February Newsletter

 Bear Cub News
             Academy of Tucson Elementary School
February, 2011

Principals Message
As I pondered what to include in my message to families for February, I felt it was appropriate to acknowledge your efforts, as parents, for making it a priority to participate in the educational community at the Academy of Tucson Elementary School. January was another prime example of the school coming together to support the students of the Academy in their quest for an education. We had parents agreeing to drive students on field trips; we had our parent organization support teachers at a luncheon as well as promoting the school at our recent carnival, book fair and open house. Thanks to all of you who attended any of the January events!

Our focus for February is to continue to build on the academic skills of the students within the classroom and to provide educational experiences outside of the classroom through field trips. (second graders will be going on a “Bodyology” field trip, third graders will be attending the Gem and Mineral Show, and fourth graders will be traveling to Agua Caliente Park).

I appreciate everyone adjusting their schedules to accommodate for the cold weather strain on the pipes at the school and for having such a positive outlook on the situation. I know some of you have had to deal with the same dilemmas at your house and I hope everything returns to normal soon!                                                                       

February  8th:   100th Day of School-In Class
February 10th:  Ms. Purdy’s Class Field Trip-Solon
February 11th: Parent Advisory Meeting
                  3rd Grade Field Trip-TCC
                  4th Grade Field Trip-Agua Caliente
February 25th:  Rodeo Round-up Event 
Parents Corner
There will be a parent advisory meeting under the ramada at on Feb. 11th. Please come and join us if you can. At the previous meetings in January, the PAC organization discussed the carnival/book fair along with fundraising.
Bear Cub E-mails Update: Mrs. Garlund has the class e-mail lists completed. She also worked with Mr. Dool who is the school technology coordinator to get a different e-mail account. Please disregard the old e-mail address. The new one is: (add to your contact list)
I’m going to wait one more month before sending out my newsletter via e-mail.

Science Fun Fest:  
This event is quickly approaching and will be on March 11, 2011. You will receive a flyer asking for help either as a volunteer or monetarily with this event sometime in Feb.. For those of you interested in learning more about this event or to volunteer please contact Jaime Lines at, Mindy Seagraves at or Trish Anthis at

Open House For Prospective Students/Kindergarten Screenings:
We will be having open house events for prospective students who are new to the Academy of Tucson Elementary School. This is a designated time to tour the school, get questions answered about the school, meet teachers/principal and complete registration forms. The following are the dates and times of the Open House Events through May:
Tuesday-February 8th
Tuesday-March 1st
Tuesday-April 5th
Tuesday-May 3rd
Kindergarten Screenings will be held on March 5th and then on an as needed basis after March. PARENTS WILL BE MAILED A LETTER DESIGNATING THEIR CHILD’S SCREENING TIME. Note: The screenings are not used for admittance purposes.
Please Note: If new families are unable to attend any of the open house events, call to schedule a tour of the school in order to become familiar with the Academy of Tucson. We accept registration packets year round.

Rodeo Round-Up
This event will take place on February 25, 2011. Students will have the opportunity to purchase a cowboy lunch and then an assembly in the afternoon on the basketball court. More information will follow in Friday/Monday Folders.

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